December 9, 2008

Good followup on How Obama Got Elected

Read this post. It makes some great points on the varying degrees of understanding of what's going on between McCain voters and Obama voters.

I'm usually not a big fan of the constant polling that goes on. Too often the MSM are guilty of attempting their own version of push-polling. By that I mean, pushing you to think a certain way because the polls say that you should. The Get-out-the-vote efforts of Republicans in the election was probably impeded by the constant message of polling showing it was in the bag for Obama. Maybe it was, but the only poll that mattered was the one on November 4th.

I'm a database marketer by profession. I love analyzing data, and discovering knowledge out of that data. I think this is a major untapped opportunity for conservatives (read/assume GOP for now); Collecting as much data as possible, segmenting the population, creating regression models, doing cluster analyses and running strategically targeted marketing and outreach efforts to the right segments can make a big difference, very quickly.

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