December 9, 2008

Best thing since November 4th?

I'm curious, so please leave comments. What's the best news for conservatives/GOP since Obama's win?

Saxby Chambliss wins his runoff?
Anh “Joseph” Cao beats "Cold Cash" Jefferson?
Robert Gates stays on at Defense?
Blagojevich proves what we all knew anyway?
Something else?

What do you think?


  1. I would say, "Blagojevich proves what we all knew anyway", but the corruption is familiar not only in its hubris, but also its staging. Not Nixonian. He was a boy scout next to these tyrants from the underworld.

    So who is the director?

  2. Thanks for the comment Lady Liberty.

    1) Is it just me or does Blagojevich look like a cross between a Mafia thug and Sam from Lord of the Rings? I agree with your assessment on the situation

    2) I was expecting a Chambliss win, not a Cao win, so to me that's the best thing since Nov 4th.


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