December 18, 2008

The Newest Top 12 liberal idiots.

In my previous Top 10 liberal idiots list, I made a note in the comments section about how I thought the list would change on a regular basis. Unfortunately I typed 12 instead of 10. So being true to my word, here are the top 12 liberal idiots of the week.

12. Jon Stewart. Smug, smarmy, smirky. Yet refreshingly facile and predictably tilted left. Sorry, no pass for posing with sock puppets (no, not the Senate Democrats, these guys). Bonus marks for having a sense of humor though - keeps you out of 11th place.

11. Al Franken. The only repeat, no sense of humor present, moves to # 11 - just for sticking around this long. Go away Al. Just go away.

10. David Axelrod. How's life under that bus, Meathead? Lonely? Don't worry, you'll have company as soon as names start getting dropped in Chicago. Doesn't the picture look like some 1973 Sasquatch hunter in his headquarters?

9. Donna Brazile. Angry, idiotic. There's a combination just waiting to be another news byte. Give it time friends, give it time.

8. Al Gore. (See this for proof). Angry, idiotic, guilty, Nobel-prize winning con artist.

7. John McCain. Yep. Liberal. A Democrat sleeper cell in the GOP. Or at least a sleeper period. Dude, endorse Palin already or else look like an opportunistic dork forever. Your 'corpse is still warm'? I'm not so sure it ever warmed up Senator. Does loyalty only go one way John? For that matter, does compromise? Apparently in your world, both true.

6. Warren Buffett. Complaining that you don't pay enough taxes makes me wonder how you ever got rich. Yes, I know the history, but it doesn't merit the level of adulation or success achieved. Not that I'm jealous, it just doesn't add up. Besides, being a market wizard doesn't make you a political one.

5. George Bush. I'm only now fully convinced he's a Democrat double agent. Yeah, maybe a man of honour and he stuck to his convictions. But kudos for the damage done to the GOP. Obama himself could not have done more damage to Republican reputation. Then again, maybe he'll return the favor.

4. George Soros / A double feature. Soros is to politics as Ozzy Osborne is to coherence. Living proof that intelligence in area does not translate into intelligence in another. And is to patriotism as Chairman Mao was to genocide.

3. Markos Zuniga. Daily Kos is like a ray of sunshine in a skin cancer ward.

2. Bill Maher. Making fun of religion in your latest movie. Is it that hard to find work Bill? Stir up controversy to sell your film. Clever. I mean that, sarcastically.

1. Rod Blagojevich. This is a no-brainer. I mean him. But thanks for the PR boost for the GOP Ron. (Is it just me or does this look like Sam from LOTR cross-bred with someone from the Sopranos?)

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