October 3, 2018

Midterms Matter: For Virginia District 7, please support David Brat for Congress

David Brat is the one person in Congress who is absolutely necessary:
As the only Ph.D. economist in Congress, Dave Brat is uniquely qualified to tackle the current budget crisis we face in America. Serving on the House Budget Committee, and as a member of the House Freedom Caucus, Dave has been leading the charge in Congress for a more fiscally responsible budget process.
He is the only  Ph.D. economist in Congress! That alone means he should be involved in the fiscal budgeting process, where his insights are desperately needed.  But he also has on his resume, ethics and proven results.  He is exactly the type of person we need in Congress.  

Yet his race is tighter than it should be. He needs voter engagement from you because what he is working for are things that really matter.  Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website.  And by all means - vote.

Thank you.

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