February 7, 2010

Wizbang's Take on Misleading Unemployment Numbers

I'm not the only one who believes there's subterfuge in the latest unemployment data. Alan Orfi at Wizbang makes the point that the numbers are suspect, and Obama's use of them to tout his economic success, will come back to bite him.

Orfi points out, quoting Rick Santelli that by using U3 instead of U6, and by changing the denominator arbitrarily true unemployment is being masked. Orfi goes on to point out that the President is mistaken if he thinks people won't instinctively feel and understand the true situation.

Let's hope he's right. It would be a real disappointment if people fell for the hopey-changey advertisements of Democrats again. The only change they have left to try now, is to go back to conservative principles that work. But since the President isn't "going to walk away" from anything, that sort of change ain't happening.

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