February 2, 2010

Republicans and the Future

An interesting Rasmussen poll out about two weeks ago showed 3/4 conservatives feel like Republicans don't reflect their values. In other words the image repair gap is not closed.

Republicans have some work to do. Waiting for the RNC to lead the charge on this is not only futile, it misses the point.

Scott Brown won in Massachusetts last month by working his butt off. In large part he did it himself and connecting with voters personally. He didn't have a lot of help from the RNC. Those who are predicting his model for campaigning will be in the campaigning textbooks for years to come are right about at least one thing. Whether it's true 5 to 10 years from nown it's certainly true this year for Republicans: they need to engage their constituencies. More often, and more effectively. The latter point boils down to one simple word. "Listen". They need to listen, they need to take notes and promise to work towards commons sense solutions to what ails the nation.

One of the inherent advantages Republicans have had over Democrats is that they don't believe Americans lack common sense. They don't believe that Americans need to be taken care of from cradle to grave like Democrats do. As a result, listening to Americans, should be something that comes easily to Republicans. Let's hope they start displaying some of those listening skills in the coming weeks.

The GOP also needs to come together before the election to distill these collected concerns into a statement of principles that equate to nothing less than commitment. The promises should include a promise to govern those within the party according to those principles and to hold themselves up to those standards. Accordingly anyone falling short should be removed from the Republican caucus immediately.

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