February 2, 2010

The Obama "Budget" and Tour

I put the word "Budget" in quotations because this President wouldn't understand running a government on a budget if he had to personally pay it out of his wallet. A trillion plus dollars in new debt per year for the next 10 years is causing countless Americans to become apoplectic.

So much so in my case, that I haven't been able to shake off the incredulity enough to analyze it. But the truth is it doesn't deserve analysis it deserves scorn. This is especially true in light of his supposed fiscal sanity State of the Union address, which is also deserving of derision if you look closely at the numbers.
But it clearly is the take-off point for his current ego tour. Make no mistake, the town halls he is attending are political to take his message of jobs and fiscal restraint to America. The Democrats are hoping to try to repeat the lie of their fiscal stewardship often enough to get it to stick in the minds of the public.

But even in that political motif, the One believes that he is the difference between 2010 and the 1994 Republican Revolution. He believes his mere oration will sweep the Democrats back to Congress. I can't decide whether it's because he believes his own fawning press clippings or rather that his ego is just so huge that being the first African American President isn't enough. Not getting health care reform hasn't stopped him from still trying for it. Why? Because it's big. And maybe that still isn't big enough. Maybe he needs to be the biggest budget guy. Or the I-destroyed-America guy.

But his ego, his party's political positioning for the mid-term elections, and even their budgets and inevitably unworkable jobs plan, whatever it turns out to be, all miss the point of the Tea Party angst.

America cannot afford his proposals, just as it cannot afford their intrusiveness into everyday life. America is at a fiscal crossroads. The people see it and want it addressed. The choices will be painful, but the alternative is terminal.

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