February 14, 2010

Dictator Watch - February 14, 2010

The focus of today's Dictator Watch is on the nuclear program in Iran, and the dangerous relation to the threat of terrorists using WMDs on American or other Western interests and/or populations

There's a great video out from the site Nuclear Tipping Point about the dangers of proximity of nuclear anything, to the Middle East because of the possibility of access by terrorist groups.

Compare the level-headed analysis above with the idea that preventing a nuclear Iran of any sort - peaceful purposes or not - makes any sort of sense.

The only way to deter terrorists from using WMDs is to keep them as many steps away from access to the tools to do so, as possible. Iran is not three steps away from Al Qaeda, let alone ten steps away. How comfortable can we feel about Iran's latest boasts of becoming a nuclear power? The answer is that we should feel extremely uncomfortable.

Others disagree. They do so at their own peril. For that matter, they do so at all our peril.

"No single nation should pick and choose which nations hold nuclear weapons. That is why I strongly reaffirmed America's commitment to seek a world in which no nations hold nuclear weapons. And any nation - including Iran - should have the right to access peaceful nuclear power if it complies with its responsibilities under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. That commitment is at the core of the Treaty, and it must be kept for all who fully abide by it."

Naive, beyond naive.

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