February 8, 2010

Help Out a Democrat? Sorry, can't do it.

Don't think for a second that means what you think it means. Rush, back in 2008, called it Operation Chaos. This isn't exactly that. But today, news stories are swirling about NY Governor Paterson. The New York Times (NYT) is supposedly sitting on a scandalous story that would discredit the unpopular Democrat, who if faced with a challenge by potential primary foe Andrew Cuomo, would be decimated. If ever there was a time the Democrats needed your help as a conservative - this would be it.

The NY Times is reportedly working on a story that makes serious accusations against New York Governor David Paterson that could force him to resign.

The Governor's office tells Fox 5 News that Paterson has no plans to step down.

That's good, because against Rick Lazio, the GOP leading primary candidate, Paterson again, would be beaten.

Here's where the conservative faithful can help. When you look at how Lazio would fare against Cuomo, the results are telling. Cuomo would paste Lazio. There's not much conservatives can do to help out Paterson - the Democratic primaries are closed, so Operation Chaos won't work here.

What's needed is a stronger candidate to face Cuomo if he intends to challenge Paterson. New York conservatives need to draft someone palatable to the liberal electorate who can beat Cuomo. Lazio might beat Paterson but that isn't a guaranteed and it isn't even the likeliest contest.

What choices are there? Rudi Guiliani, or Edward Cox. Unfortunately the bench doesn't seem to be too deep.

If anybody has any good suggestions, I'm sure Ed Cox would be happy to hear them. The alternative it seems, is to go with Lazio and hope that Cuomo doesn't challenge Paterson in the Democratic primary. That's not a plan, it's a Hail Mary.

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