February 25, 2010

Nancy Pelosi - Officially Insane.

Nancy Pelosi is saying that the health care bill is a jobs bill. She has officially gone insane.

Questions: (1) Which version is she talking about? The Senate's? Hers? The President's? (2) If this were a jobs bill, wouldn't that been the screaming headline for the last 3 months? Wouldn't Scott Brown have lost in Massachusetts? (3) 4 million jobs? 400,000 jobs almost immediately? with 14.8 million unemployed, passing this bill would reduce the unemployment rate, 'almost immediately' to about 9.4%. Why is this just coming up now unless it's complete BULL?

Via Townhall:

Either she's insane and fully believes her own statement, or she is lying through her vast quantity of teeth. You decide.

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