February 3, 2010

Random Political Thought For The Day

If the President and Congressional Democrats are having trouble finding a way to take a hard line with all of the international agitators, bullies and ne'er-do-wells, allow me to offer one simple piece of advice that would give them some credibility in dealing with these international menaces that vex them.

          Imagine these countries as if they were Republicans.

Just think, you could ignore their input and ideas and just do what's in your own best interest (Clarification: in this case that would be America, rather than progressive, liberal America).

You could pretend to work with them and ignore their concerns, instead of submitting to their concerns and pretending they are working with you.

You could act like you have a supermajority of power rather than working as if you were one player in a world of equals.

You could protect your own interests instead of bending over backwards to eschew them.

It's only advice - do with it what you will Democrats. But since I'm doling out advice, while you are at it, maybe you could stop pretending or worse, believing, that Republicans are the enemies of the state. You could recognize that they are simply Americans who have different better ideas on solving problems that face the nation, that you just happen to disagree with. They do not eat babies. Never have, never will.

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