February 21, 2010

Important Sunday Readings

Now that's a nonsensible shoe! I wonder if the owner still has them on.

I'm unable to post today as I'm travelling, however, here are some links to some excellent reading material for readers. Enjoy.

Obama's implied health care threat.

Andrew Breitbart's views on the media - and the inspirational implications for conservatives.

Why filibusters matter.

Surprise. Another person on team Obama just doesn't get the War on Terror.

Rasmussen Reports shows Obama is back on the downward trend, and nearing the tipping point I talked about recently.

Right now, gridlock is good.

A fascinating interpretation of Bayh's resignation, but more importantly, the electorate;
“It is mainly the least interested, least informed, and least politically active members of the public who are clustered near the center of the ideological spectrum. The most interested, informed, and active citizens are much more polarized in their political views.”

Scott Brown's first reason to participate in a filibuster won't be on health care it seems.

Lastly, America - it's time to wake up or shut up, because the falsehoods and deceit are crippling the country.

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