February 20, 2010

Conservative Stickers

If you read my blog, you may have noticed on the side bar a link to a site called Secular Stupidest. It's a great site for original conservative stickers, but behind it are some great conservatives that deserve some recognition. And behind the stickers are some strong conservative beliefs that translate into a business model. People building a business based on their passion is what America is all about. As a fellow conservative I'm happy to endorse their designs, and not just because conservatives should support each other. There are other reasons too.

If it's more than just a business, if it's a passion, then it's destined for success by whatever measure you might want to apply. Doing what you believe in is a success in itself. How do I know they are passionate about what they do? There's evidence from their website;
We design and create visual media "with teeth", from a Conservative, Christian, Religious-Humanist, Freedom-Loving perspective. We are religious believers who love the secular. We are religious believers who embrace humanism. We, however, believe the atheistic, secular humanist movement has, in as much as it has embraced "God is dead" philosophy, brought untold misery, death, and destruction upon this earth over the past two centuries, as well as led many souls to eternal destruction.
Their passion extends beyond the business - they blog their ideas as well, and their passion comes across in their free content on their blog, and Youtube channel. We should all be so energized by our ideals.

Before their sticker business began, they were one of the many small business owners plagued by the problems of high taxes and other economic perils associated with everything from illegal immigration to the banking industry problems. One way they chose to deal with it, has been to enjoy helping support the conservative political movement, as well as conservatism in general. They are now reaching a nationwide customer base, mainly through social media. Passion and perseverance equals success. They are prime examples.

Without trying to sound like a commercial for them (and this by the way, is an unsolicited endorsement), please check out their site, their durable, easy-to-read stickers come in a variety of sizes for use anywhere - bumpers, windows, laptops, Rip Stix, bikes, helmets, motorcycles, and anywhere else you can think to put them.

I've connected with them on Twitter and via email, and I can say from personal experience that they really are very nice, caring and genuine people. As true fellow conservatives, they deserve your support.

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