October 24, 2014

Nate Silver is helping me out

Self proclaimed libertarian/liberal Nate Silver is helping me out.  The man who has had an extremely successful political prognostication record is aiding me in my Yahoo football pool.  Not directly or personally, but via his Five Thirty Eight NFL prediction lab.  Silver's initial forays into notoriety were as a baseball analyst.  Let's face it, sports statistics are powerful tools, just as political statistics are.

Predictive analytics are a wonderful field and so powerful in being able to effectively predict many things.  While our political alignments are not synchronous, I really respect Silver's analytic abilities.  
And when it comes to football, where I previously used to use a model I had created to predict winners (albeit an unsophisticated model), and I did pretty well, I have not kept it up and have regressed to a feel-based approach with some rudimentary analysis appended to it.  Silver's picks year to date have outperformed my fairly significantly; so why not leverage his insights, I figure?

Go Packers. Maybe.

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