October 22, 2014

Shootout at Parliament Hill, Ottawa Canada.

Canada recently sent fighter jets over to Iraq to help in the fight against ISIS.  More recently a couple of Canadian soldiers were run over by a man with Jihadist sympathies and today, it looks like something similar happened today as one soldier was shot and two or three perpetrators were believed to be involved.

Canada has not been a big player in that theater in the past.  We have helped quite a bit in Afghanistan but not in Iraq.  This is not the first effort to target Canada or Canadians as part of the coalition fighting radical Islamists.  But it is new in the sense that it happened and wasn't foiled beforehand.

Heroine Malala Yousafzai was due to get a Canadian citizenship today from Prime Minister Harper.

The details will fill in over time, but the bigger picture suggests that Canada cannot consider itself free from risk if it is part of the effort to combat global terror.  Then again, it's not free from risk if it doesn't play a part either.

Here's an interesting thought - a shooter got into parliament, a guy got into the White House.  What's up with security?  It's seemingly all window dressing.

One final thought - CNN is reporting as if this were a lone gunman.  I fully expect that to change as more information comes out.  Specific information.

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