October 21, 2014

Kansas: Good news for Roberts

After a Democrat switcheroo in Kansas, Pat Roberts is making a comeback against nominally independent Greg Orman.
It's been quite a turnaround. Just three weeks ago, some polls showed Roberts trailing by double digits, and it looked as if Democratic candidate Chad Taylor's decision to drop out of the race would hand Orman the seat.

But while Roberts scrambled the GOP jets to meet the challenge, Orman took the opposite approach, largely shunning the press and staying out of the spotlight.

The polls are now virtually tied.

Combined with a rejuvenated and revamped Roberts campaign, it's clear the Republican has the momentum heading into the final two weeks of the race...

Orman has been hammered by revelations he sat on the board of a private-equity firm founded by Rajat Gupta, who was convicted in 2012 on charges of insider trading, and by ties to a group of big-spending donors trying to elect him to the Senate. Voters once viewed him by a widely favorable margin. But in the Remington poll, Orman's favorability rating is down to 43%. And the number of voters who view him unfavorably is up to 40%.
Momentum is an important thing and both Roberts and Orman have momentum.  The difference is that Orman's momentum is all in the wrong direction, 

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