October 22, 2014

Voting Machine fraud aids Democrats in Illinois

Really?  the Democrats need to cheat in Illinois by having machines change votes from Republican to Democrat votes?
"Moynihan offered this gracious lesson to his followers on Twitter: “Be careful when you vote in Illinois. Make sure you take the time to check your votes before submitting.”
Cook County Board of Elections Deputy Communications Director Jim Scalzitti, told Illinois Watchdog, the machine was taken out of service and tested. 
“This was a calibration error of the touch-screen on the machine,” Scalzitti said. “When Mr. Moynihan used the touch-screen, it improperly assigned his votes due to improper calibration.”
Uh huh.  Just one machine.  Nothing to see here folks.


  1. Just One? How many were checked, I think this should not be taken lightly, if the union
    people are calibrating them..

  2. Just one that they found. So far


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