October 12, 2014

Virginia: Give Gillespie a chance to work for you

Virginia has an affinity for the name Warner.  But senator Mark Warner, who has cultivated an image as being a bi-partisan moderate, has voted with president Obama 97% of the time.  That's a party line liberal voting record and not the sign of a moderate.  If anyone argues that president Obama has been right 97% of the time, they are as partisan as anyone who claims Obama has been wrong 97% of the time. (In reality the president has only been wrong 95.4% of the time).

This race was supposed to be a cakewalk for Warner.  But Ed Gillespie has closed a 20 point polling gap down to 10 points and has momentum on his side.  Virginians who care about their state and are not blinded by name recognition and would like Virginia to be represented by someone who cares more about the state than ideology, should give Gillespie a chance.

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