October 12, 2014

Sunday Linkaorund

This week, the linkaround focuses on those focused on wresting control of the Senate from the nefarious Harry Reid and putting America back on the path towards some sort of sanity.

If you are a conservative on the fence, particularly in a close-race state, please consider getting out there and voting.  The Republican in the race may not be perfect, but the Democrat is mostly likely perfectly aligned with a wrong-direction president.  That must be addressed.

Pajamas Media: On a tight Connecticut governor's race.

Proof Positive: Ten Buck Friday.

Natural Born Conservative: Georgia's proposed Constitutional amendments.

Sean Trende:  What's the matter with Kansas?

Politico: What the heck is going on with Wendy Davis??? Ed Morrissey comments.

Jay Cost:  Will the GOP fumble at the goal line.

Jim Geraghty: Approaching the second peak?

Larry Sabato: The state of the governors

Election Projection: Governorships bluer, House redder.

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