October 5, 2014

Yo 99% - Democrats support the 1%

George Will has been on fire of late with the astute observations that he's known for coming at a faster pace than normal.  Here, he points out something that the Democratic party hope that voters on the left don't realize.  That is specifically, if you look at policies espoused by Democrats that on their face appear to support the working class, in reality they support the institutionalization of the 1% at the expense of the 99%. It`s about ensuring the separation of the 1% from the rest of us and getting people to vote for that without realizing it.

Don`t listen to what they say they`ll do for you - look at their actions. Here`s a simple example. Democrats want to raise the minimum wage. That leads to the offshoring of jobs to where wages are cheaper or the hiring of illegal migrant workers. Both have the effect of reducing jobs. If the minimum wage is too high and there are far fewer jobs, it doesn`t really help to raise the minimum wage. What it does is help those with the mobility to take advantage of cheaper labor elsewhere. In other words it aids the big-guy oligopoly of multinationals at the expense of mom and pop shops who cannot do so.

The counter argument is that Democrats will close loopholes for tax inversions. But that still will not stop companies from closing entirely and re-opening under another name. And if you think that the United States is powerful enough to enforce that level of subservience of other national banks and nations to support additional taxation at the expense of business or taxation abroad, then you are doing two different things. (1) allowing the U.S. to take on the bully role internationally and that`s something Democrats claim to oppose. And take note - this is not an international policeman role because it is entirely about U.S. interests. (2) you are assuming that American influence internationally is unlimited. If that were the case, there would be German boots on the ground in Iraq right now. China would not be routinely violating copyright laws and suppressing dissent in Hong Kong. In other words, your thinking is unicorn and rainbow level thinking. The rest of the world has lost a lot of patience with United States, as well as respect. You`ve pulled that lever about as far as it will go already.

With Democrats, watch what they say, not what they do. The Republicans are flawed too, they have a lot of issues with credibility. But at least they are not so duplicitous as to say they are looking out for you while actively doing things that support only the 1%. That`s just sinister. The sad thing is, you are probably going to continue to fall for it.

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