October 27, 2014

GOP lead expanding for midterms

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the GOP have expanded their poll advantage in the final week before the midterm elections.
Republicans have expanded their advantage in the final days of the midterm campaign and now hold an 11-point lead among likely voters on the question of which party should control Congress, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Annenberg survey finds...

A week earlier, Republicans had held a narrower, 5-point lead on the question in the Journal/NBC/Annenberg survey.

“The Democrats, who badly need some momentum, find little comfort in these results some ten days out from the election,” said pollster Peter D. Hart, who helped conduct the survey. “The thread holding things together for them is both more slender and now even frayed.”
If an 11 point lead sounds like landslide territory, that's because it is.
By historical measures, an 11-point lead on the question of which party should control Congress is large. Republicans held a seven-point lead on the question at this point in the 2010 election in a Journal/NBC survey, which used a different method to determine which voters were most likely to cast ballots. Republicans went on that year to make big gains in the Senate and to retake the majority in the House.
That doesn't mean that as a conservative voter you don't need to go vote a week from Tuesday (or whenever Democrats decide it's okay for you to cast a vote in person, by mail and with or without ID).  Several state elections are still very close.  Your support still matters.

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