October 17, 2014

Ebola, didn't care, won't catch it. But...

I haven't really focused much on the ebola "outbreak" because the impact here is extremely likely to be minimal.  Two cases in the U.S., one in Spain so far I think.  That's not an outbreak.  It doesn't reach the level of a SARS, a West Nile Virus or AIDS or cancer in terms of reach.  Not by a long shot.

What has caused me consternation is the sensationalism surrounding the story.  It's as if we're faced with an imminent plague of Biblical proportions.  That's hysteria.  

And yet...

There is something to be said about preparedness among those in government agencies who are supposed to be protecting us.  Clearly this points out that bigger government does not mean more effective government.  The response to ebola has been as haphazard, at least visibly so, as has the Secret Service protection of the president.  It's seemed as visibly chaotic as the handling of the situation in Benghazi or at the southern border.  That is to say, the reactions have been well, reactive.  The smartest guy in the room (Obama, in case you hadn't heard him tell you that yet) seems overcome.  He'd have you believe it's disinterest "I'm too cool to deal with that" in the issue.  But it seems more and more that the golf games are a cover for not knowing what to do, not actual disinterest.  The guy is in way over his head.

The proof is in the fact that he blindly asserts that more government will solve all problems when that clearly is not working.

Nevertheless, that does not make that a story or a panic.  Conservatives already know that Obama is a bad president.  Liberals won't budge - either they won't see it or they won't admit it.  And getting back to the disease itself, it`s not coming here.

Should we help out African nations affected by it?  Sure.  The best thing we can do is find a cure.  Accepting sick people with open arms may seem compassionate, but it's impractical.  It doesn't really help unless there's an inoculation available against ebola.

Saying I don't care is a bit harsh.  People dying from a disease is a terrible thing.  Nobody wants that except for the eugenics-driven fringe left who just want less people. But what I am really trying to say is that the hype is overdone.

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