October 5, 2014

Michigan: Support Terri Lynn Land

If you are in Michigan and not sure whom to support for Senate, or aren`t sure if you want to get out and vote, I urge you on election day to go vote for Terri Lynn Land.  Michigan has been underserved by it`s representatives in Washington D.C. for years.  Detroit has gone bankrupt under Democratic leadership.  And what do Democrats offer?  More propaganda about Republicans waging a war on women.  How does that advance an idea for the future of the state?  All it advances is hate.

Land responds with class and civility:

She offers more in this interview:

But it's really about the war on jobs from Gary Peters that matters:

Land faces an uphill battle in the left leaning state, and she can use all the support available because she is capable of winning the election and very capable of doing good things for Michigan. What can you do to help? Go here to find out.

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  1. Terri Lynn Land's Ten Buck Friday is the last before the election. It will be linked here on Oct. 31:


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