October 24, 2014

More thoughts on the Canadian terror situation

President Obama is still reluctant to call a terrorist a terrorist, because as we all know, he already solved the problem of terrorism when the U.S. military (NOT him) killed Osama Bin Laden.  Even when the terrorism happens in other countries, it's not terrorism.  Obama has removed the need for that word to exist in the English language.  Or any other language for that matter.  We should be cleaning up the world's dictionaries by now.

Yes, this was a single shooter incident in Canada.  Yes, he had significant problems before his conversion to Islam.  Clearly the conversion did nothing to help him with his issues, it simply directed them in a worse, more deadly direction.  He was converted and radicalized.  That does not happen in a day.  There is more to be uncovered there if someone decides to do more than just scratch the surface of this tragic event.

No, he was not connected to the man involved in the recent vehicular homicide incident in Quebec by a radical Islamist convert.  But this shooter was not acting alone.  More details will eventually come out.  I'm not sure if they will come out soon, but there is more to this angle of the story as well. Someone, somewhere is either lying or withholding information. I am certain of that.

There was an account on Anderson Cooper 360 two nights ago in which a phone interviewee said he saw someone similarly garbed near the scene who apparently fled. That is just one account of the incident that needs to be investigated.

The lock-down that took place was for an unusually long period of time for just one shooter who was dead within the first few minutes of events.  Police are still tracking others to be sure, even if it is not making the news cycle.

It seems like the story is being sanitized and whitewashed. Either for the purposes of uncovering accomplices (or a network) or else for the purposes of political expediency.

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