October 18, 2014

Bring back our girls

Remember when those female students in Nigeria were kidnapped by a group of thugs from the terrorist group Boko Haram and were forced to either convert to Islam or die?  Remember it was a cause celeb for a number of people, including the first lady?

What happened?

It was never a waste of time or effort to care about them, but how that story faded from the news headlines and became yesterday's new was sad.  I'm sure there are many vigilant people who sincerely want those girls returned. Everyone who is not a terrorist thug I'm sure does.   In fact, I don't believe Michelle Obama doesn't care.  But the proof is in what you do, not what you say.  If you say you care and then move on to something else, that speaks volumes.  What it implies is that you don't really care, except as it pertains to winning votes (in this case).

The good news is that there remains hope for those girls.  Not under ideal circumstances and certainly no thanks to the Obama administration.

What is startling is how the White House seemed to use that story as a way to display their empathy and then promptly moved on to the next issue in the news cycle.  It's perhaps cynical to suggest that they don't care but the evidence is there.  They are using the tragedy as an opportunity and when it is done they move on, having accomplished nothing, other than perhaps displaying their empathy and having swayed a few voters.  Disgusting.

I can't say what has happened behind the scenes but it appears that the Obama administration's efforts have been inconsequential. That is to say, approaching zero.  Then again given the track record of this administration's superficiality, no one should be all that surprised.

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