October 28, 2014

Does the liberal media protect Obama? Why yes.

So says Sharyl Attkisson, former CBS reporter, dishing dirt in her new book.  Attkinsson is no fan of the Republicans but she is more about finding the the truth than most.

Via the New York Post,
Calling herself “politically agnostic,” Attkisson, a five-time Emmy winner, says she simply follows the story, and the money, wherever it leads her...
She says the stories the media puts out are designed to fit an existing worldview.
Often they dream up stories beforehand and turn the reporters into “casting agents,” told “we need to find someone who will say . . .” that a given policy is good or bad. “We’re asked to create a reality that fits their New York image of what they believe,” she writes.
And that worldview infects the way they operate.
One of her bosses had a rule that conservative analysts must always be labeled conservatives, but liberal analysts were simply “analysts.” “And if a conservative analyst’s opinion really rubbed the supervisor the wrong way,” says Attkisson, “she might rewrite the script to label him a ‘right-wing’ analyst.”
And we're not talking small potatoes here either.
The administration, with the full cooperation of the media, has successfully turned “Benghazi” into a word associated with nutters, like “Roswell” or “grassy knoll,” but Attkisson notes that “the truth is that most of the damaging information came from Obama administration insiders. From government documents. From sources who were outraged by their own government’s behavior and what they viewed as a coverup.”

Similarly, though the major media can’t mention the Fast and Furious scandal without a world-weary eyeroll, Attkisson points out that the story led to the resignation of a US attorney and the head of the ATF and led President Obama to invoke for the first time “executive privilege” to stanch the flow of damaging information.
So if you are wondering why the GOP and conservatives are fighting an uphill battle, now you know why. But you probably weren't wondering that. If you are a conservative you already knew. And if you are a liberal, you still refuse to believe it.

But if you've ever wondered why the GOP keeps trying to win over the media when they won't change their opinion of conservatives, that's a valid concern. The GOP needs a different way to communicate with people that bypasses the media. But that's not news either.

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