November 7, 2011

Nonsensible Shoes turns three

Yesterday, November 6th, was the third anniversary of Nonsensible Shoes.  It slipped by without me actually noticing.  I actually set up the blog months earlier with no particular plan for it - it was just something I could do.  The reason I consider November 6th, 2008 the birthday for my blog is because it was the date of my first serious post.  In fact it was my first post. Ever.

A lot has happened in the last three years - debt, unemployment, Obamacare, Tea Parties and a 2010 Republican recovery step.  I've tweeted with some famous people.  I've been mentioned on a few sites that I truly respect and admire - Hot Air, in particular.  I was also featured as a site of the day on Legal Insurrection and Conservative Grapevine (now known as Linkiest).  I've also gone from a address to my own domain.  I've made some great friends in cyberspace through my blog and through Twitter.

There's also a lot that hasn't happened.  I haven't gotten rich from blogging.  I haven't gotten famous. I've heard it takes about three years before you start to see any traction.  I saw the most traction in my first 5 months followed by a large drop off in readership although in the last 4 months I've seen what looks like a recovery.  I've at times exhausted the patience of my family as they watch me spend my free time blogging.  But they've been supportive of it and have even helped out at times.

It's been a fun and frustrating three years.  I'm looking forward to the next three years, although I'm expecting more of myself.  I've been running with very limited short term goals, and I've decided to come up with some longer term goals to work towards.  I'm excited for both the future of conservatism in America, and the future of my blog.

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