November 10, 2011

Obama's Keystone Decision: Don't Decide Yet

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From the desk of the DO NOTHING president:  Heaven God Alinsky forbid the United States does something to reduce dependence on Middle Eastern oil.  Via the Washington Post;
The Obama administration will delay action on a controversial cross-country oil pipeline in order to assess a shift in its route, officials announced Thursday, effectively putting off a politically vexing decision until after next year’s election.

The move is the latest twist in a more-than-three-year review process that has evolved from a fairly routine decision within the federal bureaucracy to a very public debate over national energy policy. It pitted environmental activists and an array of citizens along the pipeline’s proposed route against business groups, oil companies and unions whose members would be employed as part of the $7 billion project.
In the Obama camp, there's safety in voting present on most everything between now and November 2012 unless it's something he can blame on the Republicans as a do nothing Congress.  It's about re-election only, national interest be damned.


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