November 23, 2011

Jimmy Fallon: Not a peep but a tweet

For those who haven't heard Michele Bachmann was on Jimmy Fallon's show yesterday and there was a problem with the intro music that played as she walked on.
Via Hot Air;
Michele Bachmann decided to up the ante today with NBC over the intro song played for her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Appearing on Fox News, Bachmann accepted Fallon’s personal apology published yesterday on Twitter but said that the network also owes her one for the band’s choice of “Lyin’ Ass Bitch,” not to mention the boasting that followed from the band’s drummer, Questlove.
This was followed by an apology later on by Jimmy Fallon.  Not a verbal apology but the absolute minimum followed from Fallon on his Twitter account;
I'm honored that @michelebachmann was on our show yesterday and I'm so sorry about the intro mess. I really hope she comes back.
What were they thinking?  Did they assume no conservatives watch their show or that we're too stupid or culturally disconnected to not recognize the slight?  Way to underestimate us guys.  Keep going.

At least someone apologized.  Kinda.
The real fallout centers around Bachmann demanding an apology from NBC and raising accusations of sexism.  The fallout from the Bachmann fallout has been discussions in the blogosphere as to whether the this was a good idea for Bachmann.  Should she have remained above the pettiness of the show?

I say no.  Yes, this was a juvenile idea on the part of the Fallon show.  It would be easy enough to remain above the fray but that's tactically not her best move.

Her campaign has been in the doldrums for months and she needs the visibility.  The publicity can't hurt her campaign because she was not the instigator but a target in this instance.  By responding and demanding apology she doesn't come across as weak or indignant but rather willing to stand up for herself.  Further, she's been targeting women for her campaign audience and the complaint of sexism (as opposed to political bias) is probably better aligned with that targeting of voters.

I say Bachmann, for her own campaign and for the GOP, should go all in on NBC.  There isn't a lot of downside in holding liberals to a set of minimum standards.  It's using an Alinsky tactic on the left themselves.   When we do something wrong, the left is more than willing to hold us up for scrutiny, and a truce on that can't be one-sided. Whether it goes anywhere or not for Bachmann, it certainly distracts the 6 o'clock news from focusing on GOP candidate flubs for a little while, and that in itself is a win.

UPDATE:  NBC apologized and apparently Fallon apologized in person as well.  Definitely good moves.

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