November 7, 2011

Hey Tea Party, Where Are You?

In a recent New Yorker article that brings a disturbing image of Pelosi power-walking to mind, it's evident that Democrats are working their collective donkeys off for 2012 and the GOP, Tea Partiers and conservatives seem to be just sitting back and watching the GOP primaries.  You can't win by being a spectator.

This is what we're up against (emphasis added);
On a recent Friday, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, showed up for her morning power walk along the Potomac. It was nine o’clock, and she had been up for hours. She had read several newspapers. Her lipstick was perfect, her hair was professionally styled, and she had on an impeccable white running jacket over black jogging pants. “This is like noon for me,” she said. Instead of carrying weights when she walks, Pelosi, who is seventy-one, carries an iPhone—and uses it incessantly.

During her forty-five-minute walk, she plans her day, touches base with her staff, makes thank-you calls to donors, and keeps up with overnight developments. “It could be anything from what’s happening in Libya to what’s happening on Capitol Hill in a very, shall we say, parochial way,” she said. She’d been distracted by a pending “60 Minutes” piece alleging that she did a legislative favor for her husband’s business in 2008. She denies the story. Recently, she has been trying to build stamina for the 2012 elections. This year, she has held three hundred and eleven fund-raising events. In September alone, Pelosi and the Democrats raised nearly twice as much money as the Republican House Committee. Her goal is to take back the House, which would require winning back twenty-five seats.
She's 71 people.  Accusers are going after Herman Cain.  Meanwhile the president himself is looking to raise $1 billion for his and Democrats' 2012 election efforts.  And the President is rising very slightly in the polls.  He's not out of it by any shot.  He has a plan to run against a do nothing Congress.  It's not much of a plan, but it might work if he faces nothing in opposition.  He's up against what counter-measures? I hear crickets.  Where are the Tea Parties?  Where is the fundraising? Where is the GOP media assault?  Where is the community outreach efforts I talked about 3 years ago?  

For the first time in months, I'm getting a little worried about 2012.

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