November 18, 2011

Good reading for Friday

I don't think I'll have time to post anything today, so here are some posts from elsewhere worth reading.

Frankenstein Government mourns America's lost rule of law.

Chicks on the Right notice the lack of fairness too.

Legal Insurrection updates us on the good and bad of the cyber wars.

Hot Air observes that Romney is in Newt trouble.

The Scott Carp Dream reminds everyone of some of the pearls of wisdom of Obama.

Grant at What We Think and Why, sees that the transparency is not transparent. 

Reaganite Republican replies to Newt-bashers; So what?

The Warrior Bard looks at Obama, SEIU and OWS.

Bonsai from the Right looks at the link between Occupy Portland and the Democratic party.

What in the world? Verum Serum gives props to...Anderson Cooper?  And the Western Experience praises...Paul Krugman?

A Cop's Watch reminds us about China's military ambitions via Stratfor.

Western Hero on the race to the bottom.

Diogenes brings us some happy news.

The national debt meanwhile, has moved past $15 trillion but the debt super-committee is super confused.

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