November 12, 2011

Jobs: What Obama COULD do without Congress

The president plans to run against a do nothing Congress for not supporting his jobs bill (aka stimulus 2).  He put out a ludicrous and 'unbreakable' bill that he knew the GOP wouldn't approve (for that matter Senate Democrats stalled on it too).  The second phase of his re-election plan was to say, okay we'll break it into smaller pieces and try to pass it that way.  The third phase was to say, "look, we can't wait for Congress, I'm going to see what I can do without them."

Here's a clue Mr. President - Approve the Keystone pipeline project now, not in 2013 (or never) - that's 20,000 jobs right there.

The bluster about him (and only him) being all over the jobs issue is simply hot air.  He's not.  He's all over his re-election effort and the hypocrisy on Keystone proves it.  When supposedly he pivoted to jobs, he was pivoting to his own re-election efforts.  Shameful.  The irony is that by trying to win green voters, he's probably angered union voters in equal or greater numbers.  These were not McJobs, they were skilled labor roles, engineering jobs, construction jobs.  

Nice work Mr. President - wrong on all counts, even your re-election bid.

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