November 28, 2011

Hey CBS, Bush Still Won't Be On The Ballot

Change you have to see to believe.
CBS and Vanity Fair have either let the cat out of the bag, or wasted 90 seconds of a bunch of people's lives.  They've concocted a poll that shows that in a head-to-head match up, President Obama would beat President Bush 40/31 in an election.

Not only will that race never happen, it never did.  What an absolute waste of time!  Of course maybe that's not the case.  Maybe Obama 2012, in an effort to sound fresh, will run against Bush instead of the eventual Republican nominee.  Maybe CBS in its leftist agenda, has let the cat out of the bag.  After all, Obama spent the first 2+ years of his presidency blaming Bush for everything.  Now, seeking to deflect any blame directed at him, perhaps he'll resort to his winning formula of 2008 - class warfare, blame Bush for everything, and promise vague hope and change and hope nobody calls you on the details you are throwing out there.  Rely on a complicit media like CBS to whitewash your own flaws and mistakes, while tearing apart the opposition for you, and voila, you're all set for another term.

This is why I'm leaning more and more towards Gingrich as the nominee.  He'll mop the floor with Obama in debates and no manner of whitewashing will be able to hide that.  I'm not seeing that potential from other nominees whom I would rather see beat Obama than Newt.  But massive defeat in head-to-head debates is the one thing the press can't sugar coat enough.

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