November 1, 2011

Let Greece Fail!

Pretty landscape, dumb socialists.
Imagine you are a German citizen (easier to do if you actually are one).  Your government has bent to the will of the European Union and agreed to give money to Greece to bail out their failed socialist economy. After much hand-wringing the E.U. has come up with a plan that gives a lot of cash for some not too extreme austerity measures on the part of Greece.  You don't like it but what is most surprising, is that the Greeks don't like it even more.

The Greek government has decided to hold a referendum on the measure.  A referendum to accept the money you've offered to bail them out.  Polling indicates 60% of Greeks are against the austerity measures, and therefore the rescue package.  That's as ungrateful as it is ridiculous.

The solution if you're that German citizen is simple.  Take back the offer, and let Greece fail.  Like I said about California.  Kick Greece out of the E.U. and let them fend for themselves, they obviously want to and feel they can.

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  1. I think your right , but for all the wrong reasons. Greece needs to fail so their currency can be devalued allowing them to have growth that way. But the EU is being selfish because they fear a domino effect for the rest of Europe and the world. Don't worry the Germans are not doing this from their hart lol.


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