November 26, 2011

Me briefly complaining about Google (again)

Yesterday I ended up getting so busy I couldn't post anything.  I hate when that happens, especially considering next week I'll be travelling (to Calgary this time), and posting could be difficult due to my schedule.  Another thing that bothers me is Google's move to a better blog platform because of the side effects it causes.

Over on my other blog where I mostly post music videos from Youtube, I tried switching to dynamic views because it looked more, well, dynamic.  The problem was the code it used to track the number of visitors the blog was getting stopped tracking entirely.  My visitor count went to zero for about three weeks before I happened to notice it (I'm not so concerned about the volume on that site, it's more for fun).   But it just seemed glitchy and there was no notice about the potential problem warning that it could be a problem.  It makes me wonder what other things might have been impacted - like perhaps Adsense.

I realize that Google has a massive amount of potential impacts to consider when making a change.  But a change to Blogger that affects Blogger's own tracking code seems kinda fundamental.

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