November 6, 2011

Stuff I'm Reading Today

I missed the Cain-Gingrich Lincoln-Douglas style debate, but I hear it was good.  Robbing America points out the secret ingredient as to why.  Common Cents has the entire debate video.

Verum Serum: When Occupy Vancouver protesters attack.  Meanwhile, via Right Wing News: Occupy L.A. figures that we should rid the world of America.  The Western Experience exhorts the occupy crowd to Occupy Some Reality. discusses peak everything and the doomsayers that promulgate such vapidity.

The War Planner has an amusing Riddle of the Day.

The Left - Watch What They Do, Not What They Say (that's a long title!) has some of the back story on the Egyptian uprising.

BoB J rants about brainless people. Of course, he's usually polite about it.

Teresamerica is not feeling well.

A Conservative Teacher looks at Nate Silver's analysis of the 2012 race.  It seems to me like a Romney pitch.  Consider: The economy will not be doing substantially better by this time next year.  There are alternatives to Romney other than Cain or Perry - Perry might be right out of the running, Cain may have recovered from his current troubles. Gingrich may have gained some ground too.   The best bet is someone who can debate Obama and make him look foolish in the process. Romney might be able to manage that, but the candidate I have the most confidence in with regard to debate prowess is Newt Gingrich.  He's got baggage and I'm not a super-fan, but he's a great debater and Obama will rely on sound bite type arguments.  Obama is very vulnerable to a solid debater.

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