November 12, 2011

Obama's shameless jobs pitch at Arlington Cemetery

On Veteran's Day, a most solemn occasion, the president visited Arlington National Cemetery and spoke about the service of veterans.  But he could not put politics aside and took the opportunity to shamelessly pitch his jobs focus.  It was pure politics and it was in poor taste.

The transition begins at 30:00 and runs through 32:10, and picks up again a bit later.

There's nothing wrong with exhorting America to hire veterans. In fact it's a good thing. But a jobs pitch at Arlington National Cemetery on Veteran's Day is odd and inappropriate at a minimum. It was as if he took the occasion to remind people that he is the jobs president. It is not the time nor place for such a speech.  

It is a time to thank Veterans and remember their service. Simply. Claiming honoring them means finding them jobs when they return is to disregard the efforts of those who have jobs,  and those who have retired because their service was long ago.  It is also to overlook the importance of their efforts in service of country because it diverts the true focus of the occasion.

Honoring veterans is supposed to go something like this; [President Ronald Reagan's Veteran's Day Speech at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Delivered 11 November 1988.]

Solemn, somber, reflective, yet still hopeful and inspiring.

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