June 28, 2011

Why Sarah Palin Must Run

Whether Sarah Palin can win or not, whether she does win or not, from her own political perspective, she has to run for President.  Having good reasons to leave the governorship of Alaska isn't acceptable in the minds of some voters.  But the reasons were sound personally and on some level politically as well, and that can probably be overcome as a political liability.  What likely couldn't be overcome, is after having to wrestle with the quitter label for the Alaska resignation, stringing supporters along on a possible run and then quitting without even entering would be politically devastating for her. The quitter label would be held both on the left and among some of the most fervent support from then right.  

Winning or losing doesn't even matter, what matters for her political career is the attempt. That is assuming politics is something she still wants to engage in as a career, in a capacity other than as a commentator.

What's more interesting though is her avoidance of declaring either way her intention.  Could she be looking to be drafted to run?  Could she be looking to score a s a write-in candidate and make her route to the possible nation even more unconventional?  Declaring an entry now is politically and financially draining with little upside for her.  Unlike Bachmann or Cain, she doesn't need to build name recognition.  What she needs is her favorables to turn, and she's got an independent biographical documentary going into release to help with that.

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