June 3, 2011

Weinergate - Why I'm so done with it.

Anthony Weiner is a loud-mouth opinionated liberal. He interrupts and shouts down those with whom he disagrees. He's bull-headed. Let's not forget cocky...

And with that I'm out. Yes, he deserves to be investigated and all the political fallout it generates for tweeting a very questionable picture to a young girl (allegedly) and then imploding under the scrutiny.  But in a week where President Obama should be being skewered for the dismal economic numbers coming in (and for that matter, the previous Congress too), liberals are getting a free pass on the economy because of this diversion. It also keeps the heating up GOP primaries out of the headlines.

If I were really cynical I would say it was a deliberate tactic. As it is I will call them opportunistic. They see Weiner as a chance to both appear moral beyond politics and divert attention from what really matters. They are sensationalizing this issue. And remember, this is the same duplicitous news media that is complaining Sarah Palin is making them feel like paparazzi.

Liberals turning on Weiner is suspicious, but not when you consider that it keeps his name in headlines, particularly in the right-leaning blogosphere and media. People, we are being played like a fiddle. I for one, will not participate, and I encourage you to do the same. Weiner should be voted out at the earliest opportunity and if his district doesn't do that they will get what representation they deserve.  Meanwhile I'm putting my focus where it belongs.

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