June 16, 2011

When Al Gore Praises You, You're Done

At least one would hope that when that hyperbolic bag of wind who frowns on any other opinion on mankind's sole blame for global warming praises you, that you're done with the conservative base.  So when Al Gore praises Mitt Romney, it's time for Republican voters to start considering other candidates.

Another Black Conservative has the story summed up nicely;
Oh boy, talk about the kiss of death. Mitt Romney's conservative bona fides is already suspect by many in the Republican base. How can it not be with so many flip-flops and the creation of ObamaCare's father RomneyCare. Adding to conservatives' suspicion of Mitt Romney is Romney's new support for Global Warming. A support he has stuck to as well. Now the chief charlatan of the Global Warming hoax, Al Gore is giving Mitt Romney a big Kudos!

If conservatives ever need more proof that they should think long and hard about having a President Romney, this is it.
That Mitt continues to lead is perhaps only a matter of time and ironically, a little bit of sunlight shining on his candidacy.


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