June 19, 2011

Sunday Reading Linkage

Happy Father's Day to everyone.  As a special Father's Day edition, I'm linking to some new blogs (for me) in addition to a number of my regular reads.  It'll be a short set of linkage today, as I'm due to get served a coffee from my son momentarily.  It'll be his first brewing of coffee and making of a cup.  I'm sure it will taste great.

Maggie's Notebook covers Project Gun Runner (aka Gunwalker, aka Fast and Furious)with precision. My two cents as to whether Holder knew, which I strongly suspect he did, he will have some type of plausible deniability.

For more on Gunwalker, King Shamus frames the Eric Holder background and helps the 'why he knew' case with a plausible motive.  

Proof Positive has the Klaven comparison of Obama and Ryan on the economy.

Conservative Pup eloquently addresses the alarming, unabated effort to remove religion from the country in contravention of the founders' intent.

Rational Nation USA's Les Carpenter III looks at the nation's historical IQ, and the results are double plus ungood. Watch the video at the end if you want to be particularly taken aback.

Moonbattery has a quick note on Sheila Jackson Lee's reflexive ability to do no right.  This time it has to do with somehow confusing Islamic terrorists with Christian militants. (Hat Tip to Paul Mitchell aka Mean Ol' Meany).

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