June 11, 2011

Should I Change My Mind on Weiner?

I was done discussing Weiner.  I meant it, and aside from the gratuitous shirtless shot I posted for sarcasm, I was pretty much ready to move on.  Lambasting him was a distraction from the dismal Obama recovery among other things.  

As I wrote previously;
...in a week where President Obama should be being skewered for the dismal economic numbers coming in (and for that matter, the previous Congress too), liberals are getting a free pass on the economy because of this diversion. It also keeps the heating up GOP primaries out of the headlines.

If I were really cynical I would say it was a deliberate tactic. As it is I will call them opportunistic. They see Weiner as a chance to both appear moral beyond politics and divert attention from what really matters. They are sensationalizing this issue.

But now I'm reading that liberals might actually want Weiner out of the way because they think he's a distraction from their supposedly building momentum on portraying Republicans as Medicare-killing, unfeeling zealots. If that's the case, I'd want Weiner gone too if I were them. Maybe that explains Nancy Pelosi's change of heart. Maybe keeping his name in the news is a postive for the GOP in more ways than one. It keeps the heat on Democrats. It derails the Democrat Medicare motif. It gives the GOP primary field time to maneuver into position unimpeded by the press.

More than likely, it's a double edged sword. Should I change my mind on Weiner? Should conservatives keep the spotlight on him? I'm open to suggestions.

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