June 13, 2011

Obama's 10,000 engineers.

As I tweeted earlier today, Obama's solution, 'unexpectedly', for the economic malaise is for America to spend more money.  This time the purpose of the spending is to add 10,000 engineers to the graduation rolls every year.  Again paraphrasing what I tweeted earlier today, the purpose of that is have the best educated unemployed the country has ever seen.

More engineers may be a great idea, but it does NOTHING to help the current unemployment rate or even the medium term economic recovery.  Why is it so out of touch?  As I said on twitter - listening to Obama explaining how to recover and grow the economy is like listening to a window washer explain astrophysics.  Economics is not his forte.  Neither is foreign policy.  Neither is energy policy.

Now appointing liberal judges, spending money and inventing unconstitutional rights and responsibilities - those things he truly excels at. 


  1. Oh, you silly rightwingers! Barry wasn't talking about engineers that design things and fix problems, he was talking about the "Casey Jones" kind of engineers. You know, the ones who will drive all the new high-speed choo-choos and save us from economic ruin!

  2. Then he needs to come up with 100,000 railroad workers to build those rails pretty fast. Maybe that's why he's looking for a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants...


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