June 19, 2011

Liberal yawner: Republicans don't have ideas

From Fox News, team Obama has started in on the pat response to any GOP candidate or position; "they don't have any ideas", "there's no new ideas", "they're just anti-Obama, they have no ideas of their own".
"There seemed to be a unanimity of antipathy toward the president," said Axelrod, who left the White House this year to return to Chicago to work on the re-election campaign. "I didn't hear a lot of ideas," but rather "a lot of pat partisan platitudes," he told CNN's "State of the Union."

Axelrod seemed intent on going after former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the perceived frontrunner, and citing the support that former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, a Republican who was Obama's ambassador to China, had given the president.
What Democrats mean when they say Republicans have no ideas, what it means is they have no ideas that Democrats like. When liberals say conservatives have no new ideas, they mean that they themselves don't want to stick with the standard ideas that still work.  Newer is not always better.  Let me give you an example.

In order to solve the debt, here's a new idea - let's just open a lemonade stand in China and sell lemonade to make up the annual deficit.  New idea, stupid idea.  That's something liberals fail to see in their own ideas - new can still be really, really bad - especially if they aren't based on sound prior principle.  Take the Keynesian  idea of deficit spending to make the country come out of a recession.  President Obama managed to successfully prove that in 2009, and kudos to him for that because 100 years of conservatives claiming you can't spend yourself rich, it hasn't sunk in for a lot of people.

Ideas for liberals don't seem to require the fundamental that they actually work - they just need to be different.   That's a pretty low bar.  Republicans do have ideas - proven ideas.  Maybe if you listened for a change we could share them with you.

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