June 20, 2011

Obama endorses...wood?

No, this is not an Anthony Weiner post.  President Obama is hard at work solving the nation's economic stagnation and non-recovery issues.  We know this because the administration took the important step this month of endorsing wood. Seriously.

Digital Journal has the exciting and important news.
The American Hardwood Information Center is pleased to announce the Obama Adminstration’s official endorsement of wood as a green building material. Following the passage of House and Senate resolutions in 2009 and 2010 acknowledging that the American hardwood industry sustainably manages an environmentally preferable natural resource, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilscak recently announced a strategy to promote the use of wood as a green building material.
Wood is green. And now it's Obama approved as such.  That's wonderful.

This is something that's a normal part of day to day official duties of  the President no matter who that President might be.  The problem is this - it's a waste of time.  Is this really what we need the president doing?  No.  It's part of the problem.  It's got to be a waste of money too, I'm sure.  Imagine the man-hours of work that went into deciding if it was okay to do this.  Think about wood.  It's already a building material.

Three Little Pigs

If the President were not to endorse wood as a building material, would it stop?  Would it change at all?  Perhaps you'd have some ultra green types decide that perhaps wood isn't as sustainable as mud huts or straw or 'natural' wood like sticks.  I say let them.  It won't take long for some storm to knock their homes down like the big bad wolf and then they'll need to go and buy some...wood to make a better, safer house.

Or not. Their choice. 


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