June 20, 2011

Medvedev endorses...Obama?

According to Big Government, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said he wants his US counterpart Barack Obama to win re-election next year. His fear is that the two men's efforts to improve ties may falter under a new administration. There's a great endorsement - the leader of an autocratic regime, being led by those who want to consolidate power for themselves. Perhaps he's looking for Obama to return the favor as Medvedev may have to fend off a challenge by the sure-to-return Putin next year as well.

The Russians surely see President Obama as a weak, pliable leader - one of whom they can take advantage. Whatever the reason, it's not magnanimous.

Another thing worth questioning is whether ties with Russia are worth improving at this point. The regime is still marginalizing opposition with whatever means possible and often brutally so. That's not the type you want to improve ties with - it's almost like trying to improve ties with Hamas...wait, what?

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