June 28, 2011

Get ready for the latest media Obamaspin

Yesterday Jim Geraghty on the Campaign Spot at Nation Review, pointed out the latest notion that President Obama is back in the Obama groove.
Rest assured, America. Barack Obama has confidence in his own instincts again.
In the first two years of Obama’s presidency, his top aides had grown accustomed to a process in which Obama drew out and explored the views of his full team and searched for a consensus — decision by ballot, some called it.

Increasingly, however, that process has changed, according to a wide group of Obama’s personal friends, informal advisors and top aides interviewed during the spring. In recent months, they say, the president has been relying more heavily on his own instincts and feeling less impelled to seek accord among advisors.
This is the new meme. Obama needs more time because now he's on his game. Forget those first 3 years. He was busy consensus building.What a load. The same President who has ignored his advisers repeatedly is now suddenly getting things right because he's listening to his own gut instincts once again?

IT'S AN EXCUSE!  An excuse for the last few years of abysmal performance.  Why?  To get Obama re-elected. The consensus among experts (military, economic or otherwise) couldn't possibly be as smart as Obama.  So now, in 2012 we need to give him the chance to do what he didn't have a chance to do over the last few years because NOW, now, he gets that he's been right all along and by trying to be a consensus builder (also a crock) he got away from doing what he knew, and nobody else could possibly know, was right.

Pure unfiltered manure.


  1. See, this electoral gambit only works if you believe a few really far-out things. 1-That Obama really was the dewy-eyed idealist. 2-That he's really smart.

    In other words, dippy liberals.

    This is just a sop to the base.

  2. Seems to me that they're trying to say that no matter what barack does, he is going to get it right. I personally don't think that he relied on his aides all that much - he might have listened to them but that is all. What is it - something like 6 or 7 Cabinet members he has never had a meeting with?

  3. King - there are suckers born every minute. That's what worries me about this ploy - the suckers and the politically unattuned could still swing the election Obama's way.

    Otis - agreed, I don't buy it for a minute but the spin is going to be there, at least if it resonates with those I mentioned in my comments to King.


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