June 25, 2011

Keeping tabs on your government

Ever wondered what your government is doing all day, every day?  Or have you ever wondered how departments sneak things out with deliberately timed press releases?  As a blogger, have you ever wanted to know more about what's being done that what you see filtered through first a press release and then the media? I've put together some help for you.

Here, you can skip the media filter at least, and go directly to what the government is saying about itself.  Everyone should be keeping tabs on the government.  Here the links to the sources are all in one place.  Government press releases by area of responsibility at your fingertips.

If they are busy trying to keep tabs on you, why wouldn't you want to return the favor?


  1. Great Idea! I'll be linking this.

  2. Thanks Matt! The volume will be too much for any one person to watch but if there are enough eyes on it...

    There's a bunch still to add to it too.

  3. I feel the same way but I'm to old to change my stripes.


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