June 30, 2011

Obama runs it in from the one.

President Obama is undoubtedly a glory hound. This week he was admonishing Congress to stick it out and get a budget deal done and not take a recess. This from the man who has taken countless golf vacations and is going to be taking a break himself. He wants to be seen to swoop in and sign the deal at the last moment and take all the credit. Glory hound. But there's a worse example.

For nearly 10 years the country has been battling to eradicate Al Qaida. If it were a football game, President Bush would have been the quarterback as America started at it's own one yard line. Over the course of his term in office he managed a couple of big plays (like toppling the regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq). Those were, big pass plays. Perhaps even, ugh, long bombs. But mostly he moved the ball down the field with short, unexciting run plays. 3 to 5 yard gains.

Getting closer to the end zone, Obama was able to hand off for a run play to get the ball right into the Al Qaida end zone by killing Osama Bin Laden. But he just as Bush did, called the play he didn't run it. But Obama wants you to remember that he was responsible for the entire scoring drive. Touchdown Obama, not touchdown America. He's the team star. He deserves all the glory now that next is the possible clock running out on the game for Al Qaida.

ABC News is reporting that terror officials are envisioning the end of Al Qaida. Perhaps it's easier than before Bin Laden was killed but isn't it what those officials were working towards all along? Wasn't that vision there five years ago? Ah, but that would have helped Bush. It could not possibly have been discussed during any early success.  But now that Obama is president, that envisioning is so much more real.  And by real, I mean reportable for the mainstream media.

The death of one man will not stop Al Qaida.  It's a setback to be sure but the terror group will go on.  Once an idea has come to life, good or bad, it can never be put back into non-existence.  Hitler died, and along with him, the fascist German Reich.  But there are people who still follow the tenets of Nazism.  Regardless, in the eyes of the media, the threat has been forever diminished, because of Obama ran it in from the one. 


  1. With a willing and compliant media anything is possible. After Bin Laden's death they were all gushing about how that gave obama a boost, and I can't even begin to count how many "gutsy call" videos from various commentators and legislators are out there. The MSM treated this like a NASCAR race - regardless of how many laps the race is, the only lap you need to lead is the last one.

  2. My son-in-law is getting out of Afghanistan today. in the last 2 weeks there have been 5 attacks on his camp, all since our wonderful Clown in chief announced his strategy of pulling out! As the Muslim Radical Scum said ten years ago. The Americans don not have the stomach or the balls to defeat us. They will in the and fold up their tents and give in to our demands.

    One victory does not win any war. But then again, this President was never going to go for a victory anyway. His leanings are evident and they sure as heck are not Anti-Radical Muslim!

  3. Otis P. - the NASCAR analogy is a really good one! Wish I'd thought of that.

    Another analogy I thought of that I didn't use was a very Canadian one. As a kid we used to play street hockey and there would always be one kid who would hang out by the opponent's goal, even when the rest of the team was busy playing defense. The idea they had was to wait for passes and just score goals. they weren't team players they just wanted the glory of getting all the goals. Nobody liked these guys, we used to call them "goal sucks".

    The media can play it up all they want, the bounce is artificial and it won't last until next year when it matters.

  4. Joe - I'm glad to hear your son-in-law is returning. That said, there was a reason the U.S. stayed in Germany and Korea for decades. And it worked. That's what is needed for the type of victory evident in post WWII and Korea - nations that are truly built and part of the international community. That's a long term victory as opposed to a tactical win.

    Maybe that's what the United States has to settle for nowadays - a series of tactical wins. There's a long argument to be had around whether the U.S. should be affording nation building efforts right now, but there's real a point to be made about abandoning the effort after so much progress in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

    The biggest irony for Obama is that he may withdraw from Afghanistan before Iraq. But don't expect the media to cover the hypocrisy of Obama (then vs. now) on that one.


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