June 11, 2011

MSM Meme in trouble - Palin not a dimwit

Newsflash:  Sarah Palin apparently is no dimwit, but was a hard working loyal and diligent governor.  How do we know?  CNN says so.

[Hat Tip: Barracuda Brigade]

With CNN saying something positive, despite the host's best efforts to drag some sort of negative out, perhaps the first domino has fallen.  I'm not sure what Charles Krauthammer is going to do to survive this. Let's hope this is not some media ploy to pump her up just enough to enter the race and win the GOP nomination but not enough to defeat Obama next year. It may be, but if it is, it's got more upside than downside. After the last couple of Obama years a fence post as the GOP would have a chance to beat Obama. Palin therefore should be able to win in a walk if she were the nominee. Especially now that she's got the media in a stew and is working around them fairly effectively.

While I'm not locked in on Palin as my preference, I would not be unhappy if she were the nominee. An apoplectic media alone would be worth the run.

In other news, Gingrich's staff have fled the sinking ship en masse.  You gotta figure they're going to Perry, Giuliani or somewhere else soon.  You don't give up a paycheck even if it's coming from an also-ran, unless you have a better prospect waiting in the wings.

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